Christmas fun and bonding day at Parklands

We love hearing that our staff and patients are benefitting from your donations. We recently received this email from the Senior HSCA Development Lead at Parklands Hospital.

‘Parklands is a Southern Health Hospital for people with mental health issues and elderly with Dementia. We have 5 wards all together one is a PICU ward then a male and a female ward for mental health problems, one for elderly with health problems and another for elderly with dementia. We supply care and support 24/7 365 days of the year.

Some people come here with severe mental health issues and need to stay long term some just need to get back on track. When Patients come in, they can have all sorts of issues and one of them can be trust with people especially people in authority which they see staff at Parklands as.

To support them this Christmas which I think we will all agree is not a time that anyone would like to come into hospital let alone with mental health.

This year I reached out to brighterway for some help with obtaining items for and bonding and fun day on the wards. They gave us the financial support to buy T-Shirts, fabric pens and some prizes for the patients. The patients had to design their own T-Shirt and received prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

brighterway also gave us money for Hot chocolate, marshmallows and mince pies to say thank you and merry Christmas to everyone which went down very well. Everyone had a lovely time and both staff and patients said how nice it was to do something like that and they really did appreciate it.’

We think the T-Shirts look fabulous and we are glad we were able to help spread some festive cheer! If you would like to apply for funding for a project or get involve with fundraising, please click here brighterway | Get involved

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