Do you have a bright idea?

Are you an employee of Southern Health? Or have you experienced our service as a patient or carer?  Do you have a bright idea for a project that could improve the lives of the people we care for? We would love to know!

We’re always looking to improve our patient experience within the Trust, if you have an idea that could do just that, please submit your idea today.

Remember, we only support projects that the NHS doesn’t already provide. This is your opportunity to think outside the box – what will really make a difference to the people who use our services?

We have created an easy guide and application form to help you submit your bright ideas and gain funding or support for projects.

If you’re struggling to submit the form via the button on the PDF, please save and email your application to

Thanks for signing up!

We can’t wait to share the latest charity news, events and stories with you.

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