Frailty Friends and Champions

Would you like to help people living with Frailty? Why not sign up to become a Frailty Friend?

Why not take it a step further? Ask your organisation to get involved with Frailty Champions!

About Frailty Friends and Champions

Frailty Friends and Champions were fortunately funded by Brighterway charity in order to start this great work needed to standardise, grow and educate the community of Frailty Friends and Champions!

We encourage organisations to get in touch about how they could become part of this campaign and also how individuals can pledge to be a Frailty Friend in their own community, looking out for those living with Frailty.

Frailty Friends and Champions have not yet received any government funding for the campaign and have managed to maintain the work by charitable funding and   donations through Brighterway.

We are proud of the work we have achieved to date and know we could achieve so much more in the future with an aging population and an increasing rate of Frailty.

Click the icons below for more information about becoming a Frailty friend or champion:

Where do my donations go?


will fund two Frailty Friend information packs including a badge, leaflet and how to access more information about Frailty.


will fund 500 information cards for Health Care Professionals and Service Users to help them identify Frailty.


will fund a training session to a care home, a care agency or voluntary services raising the awareness of Frailty.


will train three members of staff in Frailty supporting up to 3,450 patients a year.

We do ask for your support via Brighterway whether this be a one off donation or a regular amount.

Our team

Naomi Purdie

Consultant nurse for frailty

Dr Abigail Barkham

Consultant nurse for frailty

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