Frailty Champions

Frailty Champions are health care professionals whose organisation has pledged to ‘Champion Frailty’ and provide education to all their staff to the Skills for Health Core Capabilities Tiers.

Frailty Champions are identifiable by their badges, so feel free to ask them anything about frailty, just like our Frailty Friends!

Frailty Champions pledge

1 To know what is meant by the concept of frailty as a long-term condition of reduced resilience and increased vulnerability to deterioration as a result of relatively minor stressors

2 To be aware how living with frailty affects, and is affected by, many different aspects of a person’s life (including the person’s physical health, immobility, mental health, loneliness, cognitive function and their social and home environment)

3 To be aware that frailty is becoming more common due to an ageing population

4 To know that although frailty becomes more common as people get older, it is not an inevitable consequence of ageing and can be applicable in all age groups

5 To be aware that the extent of a person’s frailty can change (up or down) over time and can be influenced by lifestyle or other factors

6 To be aware that people living with frailty are more at risk of confusion, falls, problems with mobility and side effects of medication

7 To know where advice, support and information can be obtained for people with frailty, families and carers

8 To be educated to Tier 2 level for core capabilities (Skills for Health. 2018)

9 To act as a conduit to my team ensuring that they are educated to Tier 1 or Tier 2 level for core capabilities (Skills for Health. 2018)

Our team

For more information about becoming a Frailty Champion, please contact:

Naomi Purdie

Consultant Nurse for Frailty

Dr Abigail Barkham

Consultant Nurse for Frailty