Why partner with us?

Improve employee engagment

The chance to volunteer time or provide pro bono expertise can help with staff retention and engagement

Commercial advantage

A considered partnership with us can help deliver your business objectives, including increased brand awareness, sales or market share

Local loyalty

Customers and staff feel strongly about supporting their local NHS hospitals which we know leads to increased loyalty over time

Becoming a corporate partner of brighterway Charity is your opportunity to not only make a significant difference to patient and staff welfare at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, but it can also boost your company’s results.

Taking part in fundraising activities and events can boost staff morale and support the development of your employees, giving them new experiences and skills. What better way to get your team motivated and working together?

Supporting a Charity can help enhance awareness of your brand while directly benefiting one of the leading NHS Trusts in Hampshire.

Additionally, partnering with brighterway Charity could help your organisation demonstrate its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility to your clients, customers, and staff. You can also make a big difference to your local community.

brighterway’s projects aim is to support recovery and enable people to lead a brighter life through the use of fundraising and grant making for projects. These projects vary hugely but they have the overall aim of improving the quality of life, wellbeing and independence over and above government NHS funding.

Working together

We understand that every business is unique and has different reasons for choosing to support a charity. We will work closely with you to tailor a partnership that is mutually beneficial and right for you. We can provide ideas, support, encouragement and inspiration every step of the way.

We have over 300 sites, across Hampshire who serve a population of around 1.5million people, with care available for every stage of their lives.

You can support any area of the Trust which you feel best represents your business.

How we can work together:

Charity of the Year

If your business chooses to dedicate fundraising activities to a different cause each year, then we’d love you to nominate brighterway Charity. Together we could make a real difference to your local NHS.

Employee Fundraising

You and your colleagues could take part in a number of exciting challenges together, helping to boost team morale, or even capitalise on those competitive streaks! Or perhaps you could hold a bake sale or lunch time quiz, or organise a bowling night or a climbing event?

Whatever you have planned, we have a range of fundraising materials available to support your fundraising activities.


There are a number of opportunities for your business to sponsor; including our charity led events and campaigns, helping maximise your brand exposure and boosting your business presence in the local community, whilst helping us cover the costs of hosting these popular annual events.

Company donations

If you are looking for a good cause to benefit from a charitable donation from your company then we would love to hear from you. We will discuss your particular interests and can help identify a specific area, ward, department, or project within the Trust that aligns best to your company’s values.

Donate here

Payroll giving/ Pennies From Heaven

Your employees can choose to support brighterway Charity by making a regular or one-off donation directly from their earnings through Payroll Giving or Pennies from Heaven. Donations are deducted from salaries before Income Tax is applied, meaning they receive tax relief on their donation. Why not encourage staff to donate those extra pennies on their pay cheques?

Gifts in Kind

Your company can donate gifts to Brighterway Charity which we will distribute across the hospital or to a ward or department of your choice. Your donation will mean that patients feel cared for and not on their own throughout the year, especially at Christmas, Easter or on their birthday.

If you would like to donate an item to our staff or service users, please visit the Southern Health website.

Cause related marketing

Your company could donate a proportion of the profits to us from the sale of a particular product or service.

This mutually beneficial collaboration could help boost your sales, promote your business and make others aware of brighterway Charity


If your business provides staff volunteering days then please do get in touch and we can look to identify an opportunity at one of our garden projects ‘brighter grounds’ or at one of our events throughout the year.

There’s plenty of ways for your company to get involved. If you would like to discuss anything listed above, please contact us. | 023 8087 4698