Local NHS charity brings festive cheer to patients

Local NHS Charity, Brighterway, brings festive cheer this Christmas by gifting patients across Southern Health Foundation NHS Trust, gift boxes and Christmas trees to help their health and wellbeing.

The charity donated 70 boxes that has helped approximately 647 patients across Southern Health’s inpatient wards.  The boxes included a wide variety of items including: travel cups, socks, word searchers, crosswords, puzzles, health and wellbeing items as well as the odd festive treat.

Costing nearly £25,000 in total, the boxes have been a big hit with their recipients.

Cedar Ward at Petersfield Hospital were thrilled with their Brighterway boxes:

“We received our boxes yesterday which was a great surprise because we had completely forgotten about them! It will be so lovely to be able to give our patients some extra presents this year.” Jill Park – Ward Manager

 Brighterway aims to improve and enhance service user and staff experience and provides support for projects that goes above and beyond NHS funding.

Chris Dixon, Brighterway Charity Manager commented;

“Being new to the role, I am thrilled that I have been able to continue this vital piece of charity work, ensuring that our patients get a festive treat. Life is tough for everyone now and being in hospital at this time of year can be lonely, so showing people that we care in any way we can is paramount.  I would like to thank everyone engaged in this project, without the generosity of time and pennies, we would not have been able to achieve this small piece of magic. Thank You “

If you are interested in donating this Christmas to Brighterway, please visit the charities website.  https://www.brighterway.org.uk/

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