Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) is a 10 bedded facility based at Melbury Lodge, Winchester.  

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About the unit

The MBU is a 10-bedded facility that provides specialist inpatient services for mothers who have severe mental illness from 36 weeks of pregnancy up until the child is one years old.

Before courtyard

About the project

We’re currently in the process of transforming the courtyard at the  unit into a tranquil, relaxing and safe space for the service users to enjoy.

The new and improved courtyard will be sensory based to create a calm, therapeutic space for the service users to enjoy on their own, with peers, staff or family members. It will include a multi-textured walkway, seating area and play area for the babies.


Laura Bradshaw

Charge Nurse

“Due to limited leave on the ward having an outside space where people can enjoy nature and grow things is so important so mental wellbeing”

Ellie Matthews

Ward Administrator

“An inviting garden space will help grow relationships between patients and staff in these unprecedented times and provide a new range of activities and groups for our patients journey”


Service User

“Being able to go into the garden and experience the cold fresh air when I am struggling with difficult emotions is one of my main ways of grounding myself in that moment, and is something I can replicate when at home.”


Please note: This is not the finalised plan and is subject to change. 

Design 1

Would you like to learn more about the project?

Contact us at charity@southernhealth.nhs.uk