Sporting equipment at Antelope House

Brighterway recently purchased a basketball hoop and table tennis table for the service users at Antelope House.

Antelope House is a small hospital in Southampton dedicated to the treatment of mental health. Antelope House has three wards. Saxon Ward (for men) and Trinity Ward (for women) treat people with a functional mental illnesses – such as depression, a personality disorder or schizophrenia. The third ward, Hamtun Ward, is a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

The service users requested the sporting equipment to help keep them fit and healthy.

Staff member playing table tennis

The sporting equipment was well received with one service user commenting “she hadn’t had the opportunity to play table tennis before and she enjoys feeling a bit fitter” whilst another said “it was therapeutic hitting the ball and hearing the sounds of the ball when there is a good rally between players”

“We’ve seen some great results from people who have reluctantly joined in but then asked to use the equipment on a regular basis.” Commented Jane, Activity Coordinator.

“We have more relaxed conversations and a lot of fun. We will be purchasing table football in the near future.”

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