Updated staff room at Elmwood Ward, Parklands Hospital

Thanks to a grant from NHS Charities together received earlier in the year, Brighterway allocated funds to update a staff room at Elmwood Ward, Parklands Hospital.

Elmwood Ward is a 14-bed ward providing care for older people who have organic mental health needs and are unable to look after themselves or be looked after at home. Some patients have early onset dementia.

Following a meeting with the ward manager, it was highlighted that the staff required new items in their staff room to enhance and improve well-being. With a lot of the staff doing long days and having an hour lunch break, it was pivotal that there was an area they could go to relax during that time.

updated staff room

Items included a new toaster, chairs, kettle, coffee machine, mugs and plates.

Julie Bowles, Activity Co-ordinator for Elmwood commented ‘The staff in the ward are very happy with the new facilities that enable them to relax in comfy chairs and make nice food in their breaks.’

Brighterway have also provided further funding to buy shelving units for the ward. Allowing staff to access activity items quicker and easier, giving them more time to spend with the patients and removing the need to lift up boxes.

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