10 million steps of summer challenge

This summer Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s children and family services team raised over £300 for Brighterway. The team set themselves a challenge to walk, jog or run 10 million steps over the month of August, with all money raised going towards children and families in Hampshire.

At the end of August, not only did they raise over £300 for the charity but they also over-stepped their total with a whopping 10,327,091 steps completed. That is the equivalent to 4,602 miles or from London UK to Louisiana USA.

With most of the team working from home or behind a desk in an office, it was the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs and get out walking. Especially as any form of exercise is so beneficial to mental health and well being, it was also seen as friendly competition across the teams!

Each week saw a step leader who was awarded a certificate for their steps, with the overall step winner for the month as Nicola Barker who stepped over 529,000 steps and will be winning a medal.

It was a tremendous effort from everyone involved – thank you team!

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