Bereavement Cards

Brighterway have recently supported a new project within the specialist palliative care team, following on from a generous donation they received.  The donation had a specific request to be used for education in the team and enhancing the care they provide to palliative care patients across South East Hampshire.

Bereavement cardsThe team were keen to enhance the bereavement support they offer. For many years they have sent a card to the patient’s families and carers a few weeks after their bereavement, just to say they are still thinking of them and to enclose information regarding local bereavement support available to them.

This is often at a point when the rawness of emotions are still present but the initial intense emotional support from family and friends may have waned, and we have found that many benefit from this contact and the offer of bereavement signposting.

The donated money held within the Brighterway fund has enabled them to purchase some lovely quality cards. Previously the team had to ‘create their own’ cards which were printed on paper and didn’t always reflect the quality of what they wanted to offer in a bereavement card. Feedback received so far from families and carers has been very positive.

Juliet McCormack, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care, was delighted to receive the donation, she says ‘We remain hugely appreciative of the generosity of individuals donating into the Brighterway Charity and hope that examples such as this enhance and improve our patient’s families and carers experiences and their care.’

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