Emily’s Bath Half Marathon Challenge 2020

Hi my name Emily and here is my story

It is safe to say that 2019 has been a cruel year having experienced two traumatic life events; the sudden death of my father aged just 63 and the breakdown of my marriage shortly after. The struggle of bearing two heartbreaking losses in a short space of time took a significant toll on my mental health and I fell into a deep depression. On July 29th I submitted myself into A&E as I had reached crisis point. In that moment, I just wanted my life to end and for the pain to stop. I knew I needed help.

I was informally admitted into the care of the Acute Mental Health Team at Melbury Lodge, which provides recovery focused care and treatment for those experiencing mental health difficulties in the West Area of Hampshire.  I was referred to the crisis resolution and home treatment service, a 24 hour service which involves home visits and supports patients to develop a care plan to help prevent relapse. As part of my care plan, I was introduced to a number of resilience techniques, including mindfulness and guided meditation. I was also encouraged to maintain regular exercise and develop a routine through activities I enjoy.

I have always enjoyed being active (Sporty Spice was my hero as a child) and in 2018 I started running to complete the Eastleigh 10k in aid of Hampshire Search and Rescue together with colleagues. During my time in care I had a particularly bad week where I was feeling suicidal every day and nothing would help stop it. For no particular reason one afternoon I decided I was going to run as far as I could, no matter where I ended up. I ran just shy of 10 miles and the negativity that had consumed me all week had lifted. I decided from then on every time I felt low, I would go for a run. Running became my way to escape and let go of built up negativity. I stuck with that plan and now I run regularly because I enjoy it. So much so I have decided to enter the Bath Half Marathon 2020 event! 

I am raising money for Brighterway, the charity for the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, as a way of saying thank you to the Acute Mental Health team.

Our NHS is simply extraordinary and this challenge is my own way of giving back to the extraordinary care I received. To the A&E and hospital staff, to the specialists and therapists who helped me through this difficult time – thank you”

If you would like to donate please visit Emily’s Just Giving page

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