Wound clinic patients benefit from Trust’s charity donation

Avalon House’s wound clinic has received a donation of £6500 that has enabled the purchase of new equipment.

The team purchased a specialised chair for patients to sit in at
a comfortable level whilst having their bandages changed or removed. The chair will also ensure ensure that staff can be more comfortable at work preventing them from experiencing back pain.

Rosie Blake, Community Team Lead for the wound clinic in Avalon house said “The chair has been a great help in the very busy wound clinic. Patients say it so much more comfortable and easier to get on and off…. We have been able to purchase buckets on wheels and a stool, all designed to improve staffs well-being in the clinic, and it has certainly achieved that. We can’t imagine how we managed without them. We are exceptionally grateful for the generous donation form Brighterway that made this possible.”

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