We’re looking for charity champions!

We’re on the hunt for some ‘charity champions’.

We’re looking for members of staff around the Trust that want to be more involved with the charity. It won’t take up hours of your time, you won’t be expected to dedicate a number of hours per week, we are just looking for people to be more involved.

As the Trust has over 200 sites, our mission for this year is to try and hold fundraising events around the whole of Hampshire, meaning staff from all divisions are able to attend.

Your job will be pretty simple, you will help to arrange fundraising events in your area (NHS big tea party, cake sales etc) and raise awareness of Brighterway. It will also include smaller tasks, like putting posters up around your area, mentioning Brighterway in meetings and suggesting events in your town that we could attend.

Any funds you raise can either be used for your own place of work, or it can go into the general fund.

If you would like to do that little bit extra to provide a good experience for people using our services, then get in touch with us today!

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